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chat_bubble 2013 WMSPL Mid-Season Tournament Champs!
The Falcons avenged a Friday night loss to Xtreme on Saturday with a dramatic come from behind victory to win the WMSPL Mid-Season Tournament. Much has been written about the finale Saturday evening, but the journey is as exciting as the destination, so let�s get to it!

The luck of the draw saw the Falcons open the tournament on Friday night against bitter rival Xtreme. This was typical of a game between these two franchises, with the lead bouncing back and forth all game. In the end though, Xtreme pulled it out scoring 7 runs in the bottom of the seventh to win 19-17.

The Falcons didn�t let that loss get them down, coming out strong on a frigid Saturday morning, beating the combination Devils/Rebels, 11-5.

The Falcons stumbled in the 1:30 game allowing Storm/Direct to amass an 8-run inning in the fourth. It was at this point that the Falcons� newly minted Coach/Scorekeeper gave a speech that will be remembered forever: �GET YOUR HEADS OUTTA YOUR ASSES!�, said Dinner�s wife. Like smelling salts, that awoke the Falcons� bats, and they responded with an 11-run inning of their own in the fifth, eventually taking the lead, and finishing with a 21-17 victory.

With no time to celebrate, the Falcons immediately set off for K2 Field at Maypo Yards to face the Mighty A�s in the Championship Semi Final. Even with no time to rest, the Falcons kept their heads out of their collective asses, and emerged victorious, 13-9.

Fatigue was beginning to set in. The Falcons ace relief pitcher, Greenthumb's Terry (pictured at right), used the short break between the semi-final and the championship final to get some much needed therapy for his tired arm.

The championship final progressed much the same as the game the previous evening. The only major difference came in the bottom of the seventh. Facing the bottom of Xtreme�s line up, the Falcons allowed two of the first four batters to reach base.

Then as if from some cheesy 80s movie, a scene emerged that all the players on the field have experienced only in fantasy as little tykes: Bottom of the last inning, down by two. Two on, two out. Batting for Xtreme was their power-hitting leadoff man, Drew. Both teams were on edge. The biggest moment. Terry reached back for all he had left, and Drew crushed an 8 mph fastball deep to right-centrefield. Both benches rose. If it cleared the fence, game over. Fortunately, tracking it the whole way was Beaver, the Falcons� superstar outfielder, who did not have his head up his ass. He raced towards the fence with his mouth open, reached up and over it, and pulled back the game winning home run.

The third out, game over, Falcons FINALLY defeat Xtreme in an elimination game.

It�s important to note that the team did not give up after falling behind, and every member of the team contributed in a big way at some point over the five games. Timely hitting, combined with timely defence make for a championship calibre team. For the first time since 2005, the Falcons are WMSPL Mid Season Tournament Champions.

Monday Update: The Falcons� victory parade was held Monday morning. A massive crowd gathered along Fallingbrook Street in Whitby, from Kilbride Drive to the parking lot at the Kelloryn Fields.

In the lot, a stage was set up for the hero�s welcome Beaver so richly deserved:

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Posted on: Tuesday May 28th, 2013 at 10:06AM