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chat_bubble Medical Minute with Dr. Nick Riviera


(“Hi Dr. Nick!”)

Today we will be discussing the anatomy of the most important digit for drinking your beer, the thumb! As we all know, without this opposable digit, all our beers would fall hopelessly to the ground without ever crossing our lips and going past the gums. Of course, if we’re drinking Coors Light, this is a blessing!

As you can see from the X Ray shown here, the thumb has a few bones in it! Looks like one, two… THREE! Yes, three that I can see!

Anyway, when this finger is hit by a batted softball, even when protected by what used to be a cow, there can be some damage. It’s nearly impossible to see here, but trust me: There’s breakages! Cracks and stuff! PAIN PAIN PAIN! And I don’t mean bread, right Dinner?

As they used to say at my alma mater, Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, “Play through the pain!” Bones heal themselves by using the nutrients found in barley and hops. My prescription: Ice Cold Labatt’s Blue, and lots of it. Heed my warning though: Rice will cause severe damage, so avoid Coors Light.


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Posted on: Tuesday July 9th, 2013 at 9:24AM