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chat_bubble Where's Lacey?
Absent from the last two Falcons' games, rumours around Lacey's whereabouts were confirmed this afternoon when this picture was found on Facebook.

When asked to put the picture into context, the infamous Dougothy Casino lines maker giddily remarked: "That's me analyzing the impact of the new WMSPL HR Rule. I've designed a pretty neat formula that accounts for weather patterns, early season vs. late summer games, summer vacation schedules of usual WMSPL sluggers, and more."

He closed by saying: "My conclusion is this: even with this rule change, HRs are WAY UP this year (vs. 2013). Who knows what type of HR counts we'd be looking at if this rule was not introduced. I'll have those projections out shortly, along with some prop (a.k.a. trap) bets which you'll all be able to get action on, exclusively at Dougothy Casino."

The team remains hopeful he'll be back on the field soon.
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Posted on: Tuesday June 24th, 2014 at 2:21PM
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A lot of money to be bet in June fellas.
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NBA Draft Props
And best of all, the last week of June is high-season for "Play Day" and graduation/award ceremonies at most public schools in Durham Region. It takes weeks and days of research to compile the appropriate data in order to make well-informed lines.
Everyone knows that setting lines on the grade 5 "Three-Legged race" and the grade 7 "co-ed Wheel-Barrel race" is pretty easy - in those instances you are dealing with experienced veterans. Kids with 5 to 7 years of Play Day experience....Setting lines on grade 1 "Bean Bag toss" proved quite difficult every season. It's the first time these little kids are facing the pressure and tension of competing against one another for glory.

Grade 6 and Grade 8 school graduations are filled with excellent betting opportunities, ranging from popular bets (ie. Male Athlete of the Year) to traditional prop bets (ie. Valedictorian's speech over/under 3 minutes) to long Term Future Bets (ie. Which graduating student will be the first to sell an organ on the black market).

Dougothy Casino speculates a handle of approx. $400,000 across Durham Region on Play Day wagering and another $1,300,000 wagered on graduation/award ceremonies.

No time for WMSPL when such money making opportunities arise within the community.

Posted on: Monday June 30th, 2014 at 11:11AM
Posted by: Dougothy Casino
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