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chat_bubble ESPN Analyses the Falcons at the Trade Deadline

By Lacey (special to FalconsSloPitch.com)

With both the MLB and WMSPL Trade Deadline looming, itís only a matter of time before a General Manager pulls the trigger and makes a big trade. There are two types of GMís - those that are on the lookout for a blockbuster trade and those that make small, subtle moves. Either kind of trade can catapult a team to the top of the WMSPL. Today the ESPN Roundtable takes a look at the WMSPL Falcons and ponders their needs to ensure a repeat visit to the WMSPL Championship game.

John Kruk: ďIf Iím Falcons Management Iím standing pat. This roster is a perfect combination of guys who drink Coors Light and guys who drink real beer ! You donít want to mess with team chemistry. If you have a team comprised of too many Coors Light drinkers - well, that team is gonna be really soft and that team wont make the WMSPL ChampionshipÖĒ

Buster Olney: ďThe Falcons need to go out and get a left hander pitcher. Donít get me wrong, the Falcons pitching has been incredible again this year, but you have to look at their pitchers and see that all of them are right handed pitchers. At some point during the WMSPL playoffs, the Falcons are going to be facing a really talented Left-Handed hitter like Peppler from the Storm or Rick Mace from Xtreme - and you really need to be able to go to your bullpen and get a left handed pitcher that can pound the ball hard, into the hands of these left-handed power hitters.

Jerry Crasnick: ď- but if the Falcons want to go out and get a Left-Handed pitcher what are they going to have to give up in a trade scenario. Are they willing to part with any of their players to get a Left -Handed pitcher? I think it would be crazy to move anyone off this roster.

AJ Mass: We know that the Falcons could have made many trades this season if they were so inclined. Many top-level sources with other teams tell me that they are repeatedly trying to negotiate deals with the Falcons GM.

Keith Law: Agreed! We know that every team in the league wants to get Junior on their roster. He pitches well, he plays a good second base, he hits and he is in year 35 of a 65 year contract! Think about that for a few minutes. Junior is under contract for another 30 years. If you get him on your roster, you have a guy that will attend every game until 2044 and play his butt off for you.

AJ Mass: We continue to hear rumours that 3 or 4 teams just want to get one of the many bats that the Falcons have at their disposal.

Jerry Crasnick : YES! There are teams that would simply like to have one of the baseball bats currently collecting dust for the Falcons. I know for a fact that 2 different teams have reached out to the Falcons about trading them 2 players in exchange for a 2013 Miken Freak that hasnít made it out of the bat-bag since May.

Buster Olney: If Iím the Falcons I have no problem trading away Doug Short. They recruited him from a high-level badminton team and his skills have not transferred over to the baseball diamond. I give Falcons management high marks for thinking outside the box. They went and recruited one of Durham Regionís finest badminton players and signed him to a low cost, 3-year contract. The risk was minimal, but I think they could move him to shore up the utility infield spotÖor get the Left Handed Pitcher I was talking about previously.

John Kruk: I have to disagree, I would keep Short. Yes he underperformed in the playoffs last year and yes he hasnít demonstrated an ability to grow any facial hair, but, you can never count out a guy that has such an excellent array of headbands. Headband wearers are winners!
Iíve already said that the Falcons donít need to make a roster move, but I do think they should focus on improving the overall fan experience. They should definitely have themed-games like "Halloween in July" (every Falcons player comes to the game and plays the first inning in their Halloween costume).

AJ Mass: Well, there you have it. It seems like nobody expects the Falcons to be active as the WMSPL Trade deadline approaches. Perhaps a minor trade involving a little used Miken bat, but nothing too serious.

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Posted on: Wednesday July 30th, 2014 at 8:32AM