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chat_bubble Who is the REAL Cash Man?

Breaking news...

Renowned Toronto jeweler, Russell Oliver, has publicly expressed his displeasure of his soon-to-be-trademarked nickname (Cash Man) being used by Falcons' ace pitcher Ashley Teeter, currently being nicknamed the same for his clutch RBI and pizza contributions.

Appears the final straw for Mr. Oliver was when this picture (bottom) of the Falcons' Cash Man was seen on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

With only 10 games left on the regular season sched, the team remains hopeful that no lawsuits will be forthcoming as they can't afford to lose their clutch hitter during their current pursuit for the #1 WMSPL playoff seed.

Ooooohh Yeaaaaaah! :)

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Posted on: Saturday August 9th, 2014 at 10:03AM