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It was a record setting season in many ways for the one-dimensional Falcons, not the least of which was destroying the record for runs previously held by the 2009 Storm.


The Falcons scored a new WMSPL record 727 runs this season, on the backs of casino prediction beating offence. The previous record was 604 in 2009 by the Storm. Indeed, in 2009 it was a 36 game season. The 2009 Storm averaged 16.8 runs per game. In this 2014 38-game season, the Falcons averaged 19.1 runs per game, and it's no wonder no one likes us.

Please note: when I mention an all-time league record, I'm referring to WMSPL records going back to 2004 because before that, neither the internet nor statistic record keeping existed.


We also beat the record for run differential, also held by the 2009 Storm, with a new mark of +284. The previous mark was +260. DE-FENCE! CLAP-CLAP! DE-FENCE! CLAP-CLAP! Note: No Falcon has been diagnosed with the clap.


Prior to 2014, teams of the WMSPL could only hit two more over-the-fence home runs than their opponents during a game. Any homer after that counted as a base-on-balls, but counted as a home run in the player's and the team's home run counting statistics. New for 2014, any ball hit over the fence without the assistance of bouncing, Canseco-style, on the head of an outfielder, is considered a foul ball, and is NOT counted in the home run counting stats. The intent of this rule change was to handicap the "ONE DIMENSIONAL TEAMS" and even the playing field.

Nevertheless, the Falcons set a WMSPL record crushing 115 home runs. Obviously, when the President of the WMSPL picked up the game balls this year, he had Worth re-label some Red Dots as Gray Dots for the Falcons' purposes. Billion Dollar Bill and SLF were the difference makers here, as their combined total of 3 was the record-setting margin over the previous record holder, the, um, 2010 Falcons (112).


In an earlier Falcons' news post titled Falcons' Rain Man, a representative from Dougothy Casino posted a few prop bets ostensibly as predictions for the Falcons' 2014 offensive output.
Floyd Mayweather, boxer, gambler, and Carnac the Magnificent boldly predicted to take the "over" on every single prop. Floyd is now counting his mountain of cash as the Falcons beat the predictions for singles (679 to the predicted 654), two-baggers (160-133), home runs (115 to a laughably underestimated 51), and extra base hits (291-203).


Here are your Falcons Regular Season statistical leaders:

PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD: Both Cash Man and Fo' Shizzle played all 38 games for the Falcons this season.
RUNS SCORED: Fo' Shizzle led the way with 73 runs scored.
1B: Dinner (64)
2B: Dinner (22)
3B: SLF (7)
HR: Bird and Goliath tied for the team lead in home runs with 18 each.
BB: Remarkably, the best eyes of the team go to one of the oldest members, as Seņior Sevens led the team in walks with an even dozen.
TOTAL BASES: Fo' Shizzle (159)
ON BASE PERCENTAGE: I'll manufacture a little controversy here. In pro ball, you need to have 3.1 plate appearances per team game played to qualify for the batting title. For our WMSPL 38 game schedule, that comes to about 118 at-bats. This would disqualify Goliath (.808) and Bird (.734), and crown Cincinnati Red Legs (.706) as batting champion in a slim victory over Dinner (.703). You decide.
ON BASE + SLUGGING (OPS): Goliath (2.289)
RUNS BATTED IN: Cash Man (77)


Anyone with half a brain (most of the players in our league) will tell you that the regular season, and the achievements from said season, are completely meaningless once the playoffs start. In the 35 previous WMSPL seasons, only 9 teams have achieved the coveted double play of winning both the President's Division Championship and the Playoff Tournament Championship. The most recent example of this is way back in 2006 by Greenthumb/Woodland. Even rarer is when the Vice President's Division Champion wins the Playoff Tournament Championship, but this happened even more recently when Direct Elevator did the deed in 2010. The playoffs begin TONIGHT, and anything can happen.


In an extremely close vote, the Falcons have chosen Dinner, who this one time had 10 RBI in one game, as their MVP.


It just goes to show how sportsmanlike the Falcons are, because 7 different Falcons garnered votes for MSP. In another close one, Tank came out on top as MOST sportsmanlike.

Congratulations to you both, well deserved!

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Posted on: Friday September 12th, 2014 at 5:33PM