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The Falcons (2-0-1) have two games on the schedule for the week of May 17th.

Last week I made Barry Thompson my 5-star stud pick of the week and he didn�t disappoint, absolutely torching the Rebels for 9 RBIs. Mr. Red Legs went 5 for 6 with 3 singles, 1 double and 1 HR.

Secondary recommendation, Doug �G3, Lines, Lacey, Dougothy� Short didn�t have a night as prolific as Barry Red Legs, but he was a respectable 5 for 6 with a HR and 3 RBI.

Tuesday, May 19 @ Bradley Shifters - Key Player to Target:
Mikey Zamudio
I strongly recommend taking Mikey �Bash Bro #2� Zamudio in the Tuesday game against Bradley. Mikey is a phenomenal 13 for 13 in his career against Bradley, with 3 HR and 13 RBI.

Other Players to consider:
Dave Carter (aka Bash Bro #1), is batting an incredible .882 over the past two seasons against Bradley. He has produced 12 RBI in 17 At-Bats.

Sunday, May 24 @ Devils of Saint Louis Wings - Key Player to Target:
Dave Carter has an OBP of .794 over the past 3 seasons against the Devils of Saint Louis Wings.
You might be asking yourself, �Is that a particularly outstanding OBP for DC?� That�s a very good question. Let�s put DC�s batting prowess into perspective.
During his 6+ years as a Falcon - DC has a career OBP of .756 (with 410 career RBI in 626 At-Bats).
Hmmmm, I�m sure the wheels are turning as you ponder the following question. �A career .756 OBP sounds impressive, but it�s slo-pitch�doesn�t everyone bat .700?�
The answer is no! Here is the data.
Since 2009 all Falcons batters (excluding DC) have combined for a career OBP of .565 (that is almost .200 points lower than DC�s OBP). DC is an outstanding hitter and his numbers against the Devils are better than his career average. Make him your #1 fantasy pick.

Other Players to consider:
Jeremy Staszak (aka SLF) looks to continue dominating Devils pitching. SLF had an OBP of .750 last season against the Devils of Saint Louis Wings.


Home Run Nonsense:
With 9 Home Runs in 3 games, the Falcons are on pace to hit 114. The Vegas over/under for Falcons Home Runs is 104.

The Falcons recorded 3 Home Run outs last week - pushing their season total to 4. This puts the Falcons on pace for 50 Home Run outs. The Vegas over/under for Falcons Home Run Outs is 14.5.
Is WMSPL keeping track of Home Run Outs this season? Seems like it would be very valuable data for the league exec and team reps.

Q. �Why?�

A. Because 60 Home Runs have been hit in WMSPL (15 games have reported scores). That means approx. 4 HR�s are being hit per game. Last year the league had 949 HR 228 games (4.16 HR per game). One respected data analytics firm predicts that 985 Home Runs will be hit this season�a considerable increase when you factor in the new Home Run rules. Who knows how many Home Runs will go un-accounted for as �unlogged� Home Run Outs.
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Posted on: Friday May 15th, 2015 at 3:17PM