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chat_bubble Rumors Abound: WMSPL Playoffs Bankrupt Dougothy Casino

Rumors are running rampant this morning of the potential bankruptcy of esteemed sports book Dougothy Casino, as all who bet on Bradley Motors winning the tournament cashed in with the attractive odds that were offered.

Anyone looking to hedge their bets in the finals were severely disappointed when the casino announced that there'd be no further lines posted for Bradley vs Storm in the 4:00 pm Championship game.

The fact that owner and CEO was seen speeding frantically out of Kelloryn`s parking lot yesterday shortly after Bradley beat Hanet in the semi's was not a good sign for the Dougothy Casino bettors.

Many are looking for said owner and CEO for comment, but he's been MIA so far. Most speculate he's hiding somewhere looking something like this:

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Posted on: Monday September 21st, 2015 at 9:37AM
Comment #1

Although CEO Doug Short was not available for comment; Pete Rose, Director of Public Affairs for Dougothy Casino issued the following statement.

"Since it's inception in 2013, Dougothy Casino has seen solid growth in the number of registered users, and the amount of action we handle. We remain optimistic that our oddsmakers will continue to learn from their mistakes, and deliver a product that is good for both the customer and our own bottom line. In the long run, the House Always Wins."

Tim Riggins, Director of Customer Acquisition for Dougothy Casino echoed the sentiment of Pete Rose:
"Our beloved founder and CEO, is good at two things, hitting ground balls to first base and running numbers. Sometimes Dougothy smacks a couple of balls into the gaps for doubles, but we know that he always returns to his roots and gets back to the steady work of grounding out softly to 1st base. Setting lines is no different. Sometimes you make a mistake, and you learn from it. You tinker with the computer algorithms, you watch more game tape, you spend more time at team practices and you build better lines."

Posted on: Monday September 21st, 2015 at 10:45AM
Posted by: Dougothy Casino
Comment #2

To echo the words of the contemporary hit classic by Rihanna, "Bitch better have my money"!

Posted on: Monday September 21st, 2015 at 10:56AM
Posted by: Tank
Comment #3

That would be Jamie's Bitch better have my money

Posted on: Monday September 21st, 2015 at 5:43PM
Posted by: Anonymous
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