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chat_bubble SLF's Outs Countdown
(In a Cliff Clavin voice) It's a little known fact that, uh, one of SLF's yearly goals when playing with the Falcons is to achieve a regular season OBP of 0.600 or better.

And while his OBP is currently below his goal with six games left on the regular season sched, it is within reach!

By team statistician Timmy's calculations, assuming SLF attends all six remaining games, and averages four ABs per game, he'll have 24 ABs left to achieve his goal.

Of those 24 ABs, SLF needs to reach base 18 times via hit or walk to achieve his coveted milestone.

Leaving him only 6 outs max, in 6 games. Let the countdown begin:

Tags: slf, goal, obp, outs, countdown
Posted on: Wednesday August 17th, 2016 at 11:01AM