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chat_bubble Falcons Take A Defensive Shift
Forgotten in the quagmire of losing both ends of Sunday's doubleheader was that in the middle of the second game, Falcons Coach Shizz made an unorthodox defensive shuffle.

Did he make the changes to reduce the possibility of aggravating an existing injury to a player?

Did he do it to "change things up a bit"?

Did he do it because no one questions anything Shizz does and he wanted to see if anyone would ask "Hey, WTF exactly are we doing here?!?"

Those questions so far remain unanswered.

Which was your favouite change in the Shizzle Shuffle?

- G3 to Left Field
- SLF to Left Centre
- Teets to Right Field
- The Legend playing First Base
- Big Cat to Third Base
- Poutine put on in relief to pitch

Hit up the comments section to weigh in on our unofficial poll!
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Posted on: Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 at 8:42AM