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chat_bubble Comings and Goings - 2017 Edition - UPDATED!
Welcome back, Falcon Fans! Another slo-pitch season is upon us and with it brings one of the most turbulent off-seasons the Falcons have ever seen. 2017 will be the beginning of the most thorough rebuild in the team's history.

Let's see what's happened!

A Falcon Farewell

This past off-season saw the departure (some temporary, some permanent) of NINE Falcons.

As celebrated recently, The Legend Jerry Tone has retired from the WMSPL as the longest tenured Falcon.

Another long time Falcon, Chris "Beaver" Dunn also called it a career.

Sadly, the Falcons' all-time leader in home runs (150), RBI (509), batting average (.733), on-base percentage (.756), slugging percentage (1.488), and obviously OPS (2.244) David Carter will not be with the team in 2017.

After deciding having only one Dunn was one too many, Sean "Dinner" Dunn moved on from the team to have 10 RBI games and make sliding catches in the Newcastle Slo-Pitch League...

... taking Dougothy "Casino" Short with him. Doug's brief stint in the WMSPL was extremely memorable, and he'll leave a lasting impact (especially around tournament time).

Lonny, Mike Z, Rich, and Michael have also decided to take 2017 off from the WMSPL.

Welcome, Eyasses! (Baby Falcons are called eyasses)

- Chad, a millennial outfielder will probably enjoy chasing Pokemon with Pikachu.
- Chris, surely no baby, automatically becomes the oldest Falcon in his rookie year (Update: Not any more!)
- Jerome will show off his skills on the left side of the infield
- Jonathon, who is already trying to assign himself a nickname, will add to a previously dwindling list of outfielders.
- Matthew brings 19 years of slo-pitch experience and is already ready to dominate.
- Jon's dad, Leon, has dusted off the equipment and will surely regret it by June 1.
- Steve #1 is a tournament vet
- Steve #2 will play this season

As awesome as they were, logistics (read: laziness) prevents us from bringing you Canada's most listened to slo-pitch related audio presentation, the FALCAST, this season. I'm sure all 8 of our listeners (including both hosts) will be incredibly disappointed. Significant demand for the show would bring it back. I'm not holding my breath.

New Falcons Minor League Affiliate

The biggest news of the off-season for the team may well be the formation of the Falcons AAA squad, the Admirals of the Newcastle Slo-Pitch League!

What's that you say? They're not an affiliate? There's no affiliation? They're not a minor league? Consider the following...

- They'll play in a smaller town than the big club
- They'll play a shorter season
- They'll have difficulty hitting as many home runs as their major league counterparts
- They'll have frequent player exchanges between themselves and their overlords
- They'll have a similar website to us
- They'll infringe upon the copyright of other teams

We'll keep you posted right here on www.falconsslopitch.com all season long on the progress of our fledgling franchise to the East.

The 2017 Falcons season starts May 7 against the A's... Don't ya dare miss it! (It was rained out. So don't feel so bad about missing it)
Comment #1

So it looks like the Falcons are going to play small ball.

With Chris and Sean gone, whose mother is Mike going to hit on this season?

Posted on: Friday April 21st, 2017 at 4:37PM
Posted by: Anonymous
Comment #2

I hope SLF 's makes it to more games this year

Posted on: Saturday April 22nd, 2017 at 12:00AM
Posted by: Poutine
Comment #3

This morning a line was posted for the Falcons' season opener against the A's. Line opened at Falcons +7.5 and quickly jumped to Falcons +10. WOW, a double digit dog in the first game of the season...being a double digit dog is usually reserved for when the Falcons' are playing for the WMSPL Championship.

NOTE: The line has since come down to Falcons +9,

At the south Oshawa KFC (where I make most of my bets), the Falcons season win total is currently at 11.5. That would be 10 more losses than last year....this implies that people expect the 2017 Falcons to be reminiscent of the 2016 St. Louis Devils ( they went from 16 wins in 2015 to 5 wins in 2016 - after a max exodus of players).

I disagree. The Falcons are still a good team, and I think that bettors are overreacting because a bunch of players left.

There are rumours that Jerry Tone isn't retiring, I heard that Jeremy spent the off-season learning how to bunt for doubles (he's that fast), and Barry continues to be one of the ten best players in the league (even as his eyesight abandons him completely).

Believe in the Falcons...
maybe not to start the year (I bet the A's -8.5),
maybe not in the first half of the season (I bet that they would lose 7 of their first 10 games),
maybe not in the playoffs ( I bet they wouldn't make the quarter -finals of the year end tourney)
but everyone should believe in the Falcons long term. They have a history of making really good mid-season trades, and using all that illegal drug trade money to woo big-name free agents.

Posted on: Monday May 1st, 2017 at 5:24PM
Posted by: Doug
Comment #4

Shows what Doug knows! It took ELEVEN games played for the Falcons to lose 7.

Posted on: Sunday July 9th, 2017 at 10:08AM
Posted by: SLF
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