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chat_bubble Falcons Win One Game In Playoffs
Friday, 7:30 pm: Falcons at Broadway

The Falcons brought their offensive "A" game as the alumni looked on. That is, at least, for the first two innings. Using only singles, walks and a double, the Falcons plated 6 in the top of the first. Broadway came right back to tie it in the bottom half, but the Falcons responded. A two-run jack by J-Paq, and a three-run bomb by Poutine highlighted a 5 run inning, and the Falcons took an 11-6 lead into the bottom of the second inning.

Never mind what happened after that.

Far more entertaining was the #karma that played out in the 9:00 Brew Crew/Greenthumb tilt. Brew Crew used everything they had (as evidenced by their offensive output the rest of the tourney) and handed Greenthumb a loss that would be described as 'unexpected' to say the least. #TANKGHAZI

Broadway 26, Falcons 11.

Saturday, 9:00 am: Falcons at A's

For the second straight year, the Falcons faced the A's in their first game on Saturday. The visiting Falcons scored 2 in the top of the first inning and held a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the second. Then it looked like groundhog day, mirroring Friday night's game. The A's scored 4 in the bottom of the second and never looked back. What they did look for, unsuccessfully, was balls they hit into the marsh.

A's 20, Falcons 9.

Crossover Elimination: Saturday, 4:30 pm: Falcons at Brew Crew

After a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR BREAK, the Falcons re-took the field to try to save the season against their new heroes, Brew Crew. After having left it all out on the field on Friday night, Brew Crew couldn't really get much going in their first game of the day, losing 25-0 to Hanet. They didn't fare much better against the Falcons. Four singles mixed in with a sacrifice fly and a walk and the Falcons took an uninterrupted 4-0 lead. The Falcons are forever grateful to Brew Crew for their Friday night performance.

Falcons 18, Brew Crew 1.

Quarterfinal: Sunday, 10:00 am: Falcons at Storm

The Falcons came into this game JACKED. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, the Falcons were going to put it all out there for all to see. Not even President Doom prematurely presenting the championship trophy on Storm's bleachers could intimidate them. Having said that, the Falcons went down 1-2-3 in the top of the first inning, but they didn't let all the air out of their balloons. They returned the favour to Storm, ending the bottom of the first three up, three down.

The second inning started better, but not by much. The Falcons sent FIVE batters out and didn't score. But Storm only sent out FOUR in the bottom half! HA! All the fans were on the edge of their seats, if they were even seated at all, as the game went into the third inning scoreless.

The offense appeared in the third inning. Yeah Teets led off with a double, followed by a Million Dollar Bill RBI double, then Dr. J scored Billy with an RBI single. Jerome scored on a fielder's choice by J-Paq and the rest were brought in one batter later when The Mattural went deep for a 3-run shot. That's six for the good guys. Now the pressure was on for the Falcons to continue flashing the leather, and they fell spectacularly on their faces. Except Sr. Thompson, who ROBBED Joey, reaching WAY OVER THE FENCE to bring a home run back. Storm re-took the lead in the bottom of three, scoring 8. Undeterred, the Falcons chipped away, scoring singles in the 4th and 5th to tie the game, all while holding Storm to delicious doughnuts (there were actually delicious doughnuts!)

Looking to put this game away, J-Paq led off the top of the sixth with a two-bagger, The Mattural singled, and Sr. Thompson scored them all with a 3-run jack. Poutine started it back up with a triple and was scored by an SLF sac fly. Pikachu singled, Yeah Teets hit his second double of the game to score him, and Teets was scored on a single by Million Dollar Bill. In total, the Falcons put up 6 and the pressure was on for Storm. They answered, scoring 3. The Falcons finally started an inning with the lead, and added 2 insurance runs when J-Paq went deep. The Falcons led by 5 going into the bottom of the 7th.

Storm sent all 11 men to the plate in the bottom of the seventh, tying the game at 16 and sending this one to extras. Barry started the inning on second base, having been the last out of the seventh inning. He advanced to third on a Poutine single and was scored by SLF on a liner that barely squeaked past Joey's glove. Leading by one, the Falcons needed a big hold in the bottom of the eighth. Sadly, even with Duran "Can't Stop Getting Struck Out By Poutine" Spray striking out for a second time, Storm was able to walk it off on their way to the championship.

Storm 18, Falcons 17.
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Posted on: Monday September 18th, 2017 at 8:16AM