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chat_bubble WMSPL Power Rankings - Week 1

Some pretty big moves this week in the league's power rankings, as some really good teams stumbled out of the gate, while other who were on the fringe last season have started strong.

#1 (Rank last week: 5)
Position in division: 1; 1 Overall
Record Last Week: 3-0-0

Broadway dominated the first week of the season with a perfect record, and a +43 run differential. A convincing win over SI to start the season was followed by them squeaking out a victory over Hanet in game 2 of their opening double-header. Then they took care of business as they should have against Surge. They'll be at or near the top of this list all season.

#2 (Rank last week: 3)
Position in division: 2; 2 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-0-0

The A's did everyone a favour on the first Sunday of the season by beating hated Storm (hated mostly by the Falcons and probably not many others, and only because they win everything), then cruised past Brew Crew. The season is young, but the A's are only allowing 9 runs a game. They'll keep winning if they can keep that up.

#3 (Rank last week: 4)
Position in division: 3; 4 Overall
Record Last Week: 3-1-0

After opening the season on Friday night with a nail-biter of a victory over Hanet, they had their asses handed to them by Broadway in game 1 of their first double-header of the year. They regrouped nicely to beat Coulas by 10, and finished the week with a victory over Greenthumb. They've beaten who they're supposed to have beaten, and there's no shame in losing to Broadway (unless they start bunting again).

#4 (Rank last week: 1)
Position in division: 4; 5 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-1-0

Storm demolished Coulas by 30 runs on opening Friday, and were so satisfied with themselves that they lost to the A's two days later, and Past President George was unable to stop smiling about it. But no team will ever go 38-0, no matter how hard Storm tried a few years ago. They rebounded nicely by hanging a 30-burger on the Rebels, and the smugness can continue.

#5 (Rank last week: 7)
Position in division: 1; 3 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-1-0

Looks like the Falcons were fortunate in the draft, despite drafting one of only 4 players who entered the draft having seen 40 birthdays. Both the new young guy and the guy who wears jeans to play have settled in nicely and despite dropping a heartbreaker to Coulas on Tuesday, they sit a half-game up on Brew Crew (!) for the VP Division lead.

#6 (Rank last week: 2)
Position in division: 5; 6 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-2-0

Hanet could be much higher on this list (+27 run differential!), were it for a little luck. They lost two coin-flip games by a total of 2 runs, and dominated in their two victories. Keep an eye on this team, because they won't be this low for long.

#7 (Rank last week: 10)
Position in division: 2; 7 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-1-0

Is the return of Sonley the difference-maker? I know they've only played two games, but they're in second place, albeit with a -12 run differential. Time will tell.

#8 (Rank last week: 8)
Position in division: 4; 8 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-2-0

The loss of AC2THEMAX seems to have put this team in a funk. One decisive victory over Surge was offset by two defeats at the hands of Brew Crew and Sports Illustrated, respectfully. A +1 run differential shows they're not losing by much, so maybe with a little luck they'll move up in the rankings. Unless they start losing on purpose again, but with no AC2THEMAX that's unlikely.

#9 (Rank last week: 11)
Position in division: 3; 9 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-2-0

The Rebels are definitely no joke, evidenced by a losing record but only a -6 run differential. They rebounded from an opening night loss to the Falcons with a blow out of Surge before the Storm blew in.

#10 (Rank last week: 6)
Position in division: 6; 10 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-3-0

Having a -50 run differential after only 4 games isn't something to write home about, but holding off a charging Falcons team in the bottom of the seventh to secure their lone victory is. The scheduling Gods (ie. George) weren't kind to Coulas giving them Storm-Hanet-SI Play to start their season, and their record reflects it. Such is life in the President's Division.

#11 (Rank last week: 12)
Position in division: 5; 11 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-2-0

It takes time to gel as a team when so many of the faces are new. ReMax will likely rebound in the coming weeks, and the league will be better off for it.

#12 (Rank last week: 9)
Position in division: 6; 12 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-3-0

Nothing short of bringing back the Ronald McDonald uniforms will save this season for Surge, and I won't quit until it happens.

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Posted on: Wednesday May 9th, 2018 at 9:28PM