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chat_bubble WMSPL Power Rankings - Week 2

The reps for SI Play and Brew Crew haven't posted their score from Wednesday's game yet. For the purposes of this ranking, we're assuming that Sports Illustrated won. If it turns out that Brew Crew pulled it out, maybe I'll think about a retraction.

#1 (Rank last week: 1)
Position in division: 1; 1 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-0-0

As long as Broadway remains undefeated, they'll remain at the top of the power rankings, regardless of what other teams think.

#2 (Rank last week: 2)
Position in division: 2; 2 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-0-1

The A's still haven't received their new uniforms yet, but they're still playing like they did last year in the current ones. Having already beaten Storm, as long as they haven't lost to Storm and have the same or better record than Storm, they'll be ranked higher on these here rankings than Storm.

#3 (Rank last week: 3)
Position in division: 3; 3 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-0-0

Sports Illustrated keeps their 3rd place spot this week after beating Brew Crew. They come in at #3 because they have a similar record to Storm, but against a stronger schedule (SI has beaten Hanet)

#4 (Rank last week: 4)
Position in division: 4; 4 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-0-0

Storm BARELY beat a Vice President's team this week, but think they should be ranked higher based on what they did over the last two years. The best team Storm has beaten this season is the Falcons, which, really, is that saying much?

#5 (Rank last week: 5)
Position in division: 1; 5 Overall
Record Last Week: 1-1-0

The Falcons held their own against the two-time defending President's Division and Playoff Champion Storm. That's not enough to move them up the rankings. They remain at the top of the VP division by run differential alone, as the surprising Rebels have caught up.

#6 (Rank last week: 9)
Position in division: 1; 6 Overall
Record Last Week: 2-0-0

Big win for the Rebels on Friday, and they followed it up by beating Hanet on Wednesday. This put them in a tie for first in the VP Division, only their run differential keeping them out of the top spot. They keep playing like they have, and they'll be looking down at the rest of the division.

#7 (Rank last week: 6)
Position in division: 5; 7 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-1-0

A disapointing loss to the Rebels on Wednesday, and Hanet finds themselves under .500 once again. Their +22 run differential shows they're a better team than their overall record indicates.

#8 (Rank last week: 8)
Position in division: 3; 8 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-0-0

The middle of May is a weird time in the WMSPL. Because we don't play on Mothers Day or on the Sunday of the long weekend, it can be a week between games. And if that game in the middle gets rained out, well, you maintain your spot in the rankings because you didn't play.

#9 (Rank last week: 7)
Position in division: 3; 9 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-2-0

A stumble against the Falcons on Friday and another agains SI on Wednesday drops Brew Crew down a couple spots. On the plus side, Phil hit 3 home runs on Sunday!

#10 (Rank last week: 10)
Position in division: 6; 10 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-0-0

Due to the rain-out on Tuesday, Coulas will not play until May 23, after having last played on May 8. That's a long time to go between games, especially when you have so much ground to make up in your division.

#11 (Rank last week: 11)
Position in division: 5; 11 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-1-0

Re/Max gets the 11 spot over Surge due to a slightly better run differential. They have yet to win this season after a huge roster turnover over the off-season. The good news is no team has ever gone winless in this league over a full season.

#12 (Rank last week: 12)
Position in division: 6; 12 Overall
Record Last Week: 0-1-0

Surge is scoring few runs, and allowing a lot of runs. Not a winning formula.

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Posted on: Wednesday May 16th, 2018 at 9:41PM