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chat_bubble 2019 WMSPL Power Rankings - Week 12

(2-0-0 This Week; 17-7-1 Overall; Tied for 2nd in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 2)

Broadway is making their move! They're currently on a 9-game winning streak and have moved into a tie for 2nd place behind Storm in the President's Division standings. They haven't lost since the ump had a hand in their loss to the Falcons over a month ago. During this streak, they've enacted revenge on those same Falcons (no word yet about the ump), and beaten other division rivals Storm and IG Wealth (twice). They're on the rampage! They're savages in the box! They're first in this week's power rankings.

#2. A'S
(2-0-0 This Week; 16-6-0 Overall; Tied for 2nd in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 3)

The A's have a winning streak of their own, albeit only four games long. But a streak is a streak, and they maintain their spot tied for 2nd in the President's Division.

(2-1-0 This Week; 22-2-1 Overall; 1st in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 1)

Epic collapse for Storm this week, tumbling down the rankings to a measly 3rd place which is not where a team who has won 22 of 25 games should be. But here we are. They beat last week's #12 team, Greenthumb, on Friday. Then they let the allure of BBQ and swimming take their eyes off the prize and dropped a squeaker to the Falcons on Sunday. They won again mid-week, but by default, which (depending on where your team is in the rankings) is either the best or worst way to win a game.

(2-0-0 This Week; 15-9-1 Overall; 4th in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 6)

The Falcons jump to fourth in the rankings this week on the backs of two very narrow victories. In the first, they held last week's #1 team, Storm, to only 10 runs (none of which were scored on the long ball). They repeated that exemplary defensive performance on Tuesday, doing the unfathomable and winning a slo pitch game 5-4. They've got a tough double header coming up Sunday, with home games against two division rivals, A's and Rebels. If they can sweep the twin-bill, they'll only need to beat Re/Max on Wednesday to enjoy the well-deserved free beer.

(1-2-0 This Week; 13-9-1 Overall; 5th in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 4)

The Rebels drop a spot due to a down week where they only won a third of their scheduled games. Their upcoming schedule isn't so friendly, either. They have two double headers in three days, including games against Hanet, Broadway, and the Falcons. If they can pull off the 4-game sweep, they'll be #1 in the rankings next week.

(2-1-0 This Week; 13-12-0 Overall; 1st in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 5)

A default loss to Storm (at least make them earn it!) spoiled a great start to the week for Brew Crew, who swept their Sunday night double header games against Surge and Re/Max. They still find themselves at the top of the VP Division, holding a slim 1-game lead over bush-sitting Hanet. They have thirteen games to go to try to hold off El Plasticos and cash a cheque and book a trip to the President's Division for 2020. Can they do it?

(0-1-2 This Week; 9-10-3 Overall; 2nd in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 7)

I'm well aware that it would have been far more appropriate to deem Hanet's team nickname as the French Les Plastiques instead of Spanish, but this is my column. If you don't like it, put one on your own website! Anyway, Hanet SOMEHOW tied two games this week with identical 7-7 scores. I'm calling shenanigans on this.

(1-1-1 This Week; 8-12-2 Overall; 6th in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 8)

I hate it when scores don't get reported. I hate it even more that I don't know to whom to direct my anger!

(2-2-0 This Week; 10-14-2 Overall; 3rd in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 8)

Re/Max drops a spot because they couldn't get a team together to play on Tuesday. Otherwise, they had a perfectly decent week.

(0-2 This Week; 7-15-0 Overall; 4th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 10)

Seems like Coulas has occupied the 10 spot for an awfully long time, doesn't it?

(0-2-1 This Week; 5-15-2 Overall; 5th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 12)

Greenthumb moves up to 11 (cue Kool & The Gang), thanks to a mysterious 7-7 tie on Sunday evening.

(0-3-0 This Week; 1-24-0 Overall; 6th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 11)

Surge hasn't won since the first time they won, and moves back into the basement to rant online to anyone who will listen.

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Posted on: Friday July 26th, 2019 at 8:47AM