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chat_bubble 2019 WMSPL Power Rankings - Week 17

With only about a week to go in the regular season, the playoff picture is beginning to take shape. For some teams, their playoff seed is already locked in. For the rest, their playoff seeding isn't going to move much, and those teams are just waiting to see whom they play in their pool.

Storm, the A's, Broadway and the Falcons will get Friday byes, this much is assured. Storm has already locked up #1, but numbers two through 4 are up for grabs. The most exciting race is the one for the $300 Vice President's division winner's cheque. Currently, Brew Crew has the inside track, and their magic number to cash it is 2. But Hanet is not going to go quietly into the night and they showed it with their 18-12 victory over the A's this week. With no Brew Crew-Hanet matchup left on the schedule, we won't get an all-the-marbles type game until Playoff Sunday, which is a shame.

(2-0-0 This Week; 30-4-1 Overall; President's Division Champions)
(Rank last week: 1)

The hits just keep on coming for Storm, who despite clinching the #1 playoff seed last week was not content to coast through the rest of the season. They scored almost 50 runs over two games this week, which, hey, seems about average for Storm, no? Storm's Pac-Man like appetite for regular season wins could really benefit the Falcons' quest for the #2 seed if Storm keeps winning. Stay tuned.

(2-0-0 This Week; 24-11-1 Overall; Tied for 3rd in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 5)

Broadway has the #2 playoff seed in their sights, but has the most difficult schedule remaining for teams in that hunt. They'll need to beat a hungry Brew Crew, who is trying to win their division, and the Falcons, who also need to win out to get to #2. And all of this is moot if the A's don't lose another game.

#3. A'S
(1-1-0 This Week; 25-11-0 Overall; 2nd in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 3)

The A's hold the 2-seed, and control their own fate. If they win out, it's theirs. Simple as that. But they'll have to get past Re/Max next Tuesday, which is a trap game if there ever was one, and they'll have to out-slug Storm on season finale Sunday, a game that will pit Joey and Luige head-to-head for the WMSPL home run championship trophy. Yes, I know Joey's behind by five dingers. Anyone want to bet against Joey socking five moon shots in a game in pursuit of some hardware?

(1-1-0 This Week; 24-11-1 Overall; Tied for 3rd in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 2)

The Falcons want to be #2, but not the #2 they turned out to be in a disappointing loss to a bare-bones A's team on Sunday. That's a poop reference. To get to Pool D now, the Falcons will need to beat Coulas and Broadway, plus hope that either Re/Max or Storm can beat the A's.

(3-0-0 This Week; 16-17-2 Overall; 2nd in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 8)

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, here comes Hanet. They had a perfect week, sweeping their Sunday doubleheader in convincing fashion and keeping the party going with a big win over the A's on Wednesday. Is their late run going to be too little, too late to win their division?

(1-1-0 This Week; 21-14-1 Overall; 5th in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 4)

The Rebels are locked into 5th place overall. They can relax and play loose while they watch the chaos around them to see who settles into Pool C with them.

(1-1-0 This Week; 18-18-0 Overall; 1st in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 6)

BREAKING NEWS: Brew Crew won a game, and lost a game this week. SHOCKER! Brew Crew and Hanet are locked into Pool B, and will get whoever gets crapped out the wrong end of the A's-Falcons-Broadway battle for 2nd place to fill it out. Besides that, all that's left to see is if a .500 record is enough to win the Vice President's division.

(1-1-0 This Week; 13-20-2 Overall; 6th in President's Division)
(Rank last week: 7)

IG Wealth is currently 9th overall, but with three games remaining they can still climb into the 8-seed. Not sure how motivated they are to do that, though: the 9-seed gets put in a pool with the 12th place team, whereas #8 plays #3 and #5.

(1-2-0 This Week; 14-19-3 Overall; 3rd in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 7)

Re/Max sits at 8th, but could finish as high as 7th if the Hanet bus drives off a cliff. They could also fall as far as 9th (HUGE DROP). Their effort going into their last two games will be determined, partially, by whom they'd like to face in their playoff pool.

(0-2 This Week; 10-26-0 Overall; 4th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 10)

Coulas and Greenthumb will be in Pool A with Storm for the playoffs. Pool A is the only pool so far that has locked in all it's participants.

(? This Week; 7-24-3 Overall; 5th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 11)

See Coulas above.

#12. SURGE
(? This Week; 4-31-0 Overall; 6th in Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: 12)

Surge can play almost any combination of the A's, Broadway, the Falcons, Re/Max or IG Wealth in their playoff pool. So exciting!

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Posted on: Friday August 30th, 2019 at 7:51AM