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assignment Cashley Returns, Outfield Absent in Falcon Victory

A home run by Dougothy, triples by Senior and Dinner, and RBIs by almost everybody led the way as the Falcons completed the season sweep of Greenthumb/Woodland with a convincing 29-13 win on Monday night.

The Falcons’ (20-8) #1 pitcher, Cashley, made a triumphant return as well. Along with outfield quarterback Papa Bear taking charge controlling the outfield positioning, they promptly allowed Greenthumb to bat around what seemed like four times allowing eight runs in the top of the first inning. Keeping with the theme for the Falcons this year, they answered promptly in the bottom of the first with seven of their own.

Five more Falcons runs in the second gave them the lead, but Greenthumb battled back with three in the top of the third to make it close. The Falcons had seen enough, and put this one away with a ten-spot in the bottom of the third, and cruised the rest of the way to victory.

The team changed things up in the top of the seventh, with all the regular infielders taking outfield positions, and the outfielders moving in to expose their jockless junk to hot grounders and potentially debilitating bounces. With Senior in at pitcher to shut the door, the Falcons only allowed a double and SLF made a spectacular play, snagging a screaming grounder for the unassisted putout. With any luck, this kind of tomfoolery will not become a regular occurrence.

Absenteeism Report:
Beardo: Abducted by aliens. Validity of probing pending.
Our only friend: Appealing 211-game suspension from Bud Selig.
Beaver: Following Justin Bieber on tour.
Thirteen Dollar Bill: The newly named Hundred Dollar Bill may have missed the game, but showed up with cold beer for the team regardless. BILL ROCKS!

Game Notes: When Tank can’t go to the rave, the rave comes to Tank… Don’t call me Dick is hereby renamed “Big Lungs”… These days, we’re more likely to find a rabbit at the diamond than an umpire... Watch out for liners, Terry…


2B: Cashley (2), Dougothy, Papa Bear, Big Lungs, Dinner, Fo’ Shizzle
3B: Senior, Dinner
HR: Dougothy
HR-Singles: --
RBI: Dinner (6), Cashley (4), Fo’ Shizzle (4), Goliath (3), Senior (3), Dougothy (3), Big Lungs (2), The Legend (2), Papa Bear, Tank. That’s EVERYONE EXCEPT SLF.

LOB: 7
PIZZAS: Papa Bear (1/3), Big Lungs (1/3)



STADIUM: K1 Stadium (Naming rights still available)
ATTENDANCE: 2 (10% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)
WEATHER: 16°C, Clear, Dark; Wind SW, 4 km/h (weather data courtesy Environment Canada)


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Greenthumb/Woodland 8 0 3 0 2 0 0 13
Falcons 7 5 10 1 0 6 - 29
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Posted on: Monday August 5th, 2013 at 9:30PM