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assignment Falcons Back Into Fourth Place

The Falcons and Xtreme did their best Yankees-Red Sox impression once again, running into the time limit and only playing six innings, as Xtreme walked away victorious 21-7.

This game had meaning for both clubs, with Xtreme needing to win to remain hopeful of the President’s Division title (if Storm were to lose later, which they didn’t), and the Falcons trying to secure the 3-seed in the WMSPL Playoff Tournament. In the end though, both clubs may as well have said “Screw this!” and headed to the parking lot for cold ones, because Storm won and clinched the division title, and the Falcons lost and will remain the 4-seed.

Thus the regular season ends with the Falcons in fourth spot, finishing 27-11, a vast improvement from their 2012 season. The Falcons increased their dinger output from 2012’s dismal 46 to a more acceptable 58 in 2013. OBP increased from .546 to .581, and runs scored took a major boost from 467 last season to 544 this year. Team attendance surely had a lot to do with these increases, as the Falcons didn’t need to use a minor league call up at all this season.

So the Falcons back into the playoffs with a whimper. As usual, the playoff tournament will be full of excitement. One of the great things about this league is everyone makes the playoffs, and anyone can win it. Come on out to the stadium this weekend and watch the excitement and intensity of twelve teams giving everything they’ve got left to secure bragging rights at the drunken barn dance that is the WMSPL Banquet.

Game Notes: Senior finished this season having played at least 76 consecutive games (2011’s stats are sketchy)… Goliath will carry an 82-game hit streak into 2014… Falcons fans on crutches at this game: 2… Mike Anderson hates winter… One more recap to come this season, covering all games the Falcons play in the tournament. I won’t recap the banquet, because I probably won’t remember much of it.


2B: --
HR: Fo’ Shizzle
HR-Singles: --
RBI: Beaver (3), Fo’ Shizzle (2), Cashley, Senior
LOB: 7



STADIUM: K1 Stadium (Naming rights still available)
ATTENDANCE: 10 Falcons fans, and a bunch of Stormers hoping for the best (50% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)
WEATHER: 19.4°C; Partly cloudy; Wind N, 13 km/h (weather data courtesy Environment Canada)


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Xtreme Contracting 4 4 4 1 3 5 - 21
Falcons 1 1 0 0 2 3 - 7
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Posted on: Sunday September 8th, 2013 at 5:00PM