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assignment Falcons Go Balls Deep

A back and forth tug-of-war between the St. Louis Devils and the Falcons ended in a 19-19 tie Monday night on K1.

The new WMSPL rule of making excess home runs foul continued to eat into the Falcons performance on this night, as there were more balls flying around than in a downtown bath house. The Falcons went up +2 in dingers early, and cost several players valuable strikes on subsequent at-bats. The Devils struck early, scoring three in the top of the first. The Falcons responded right away, with four of their own in the bottom half. This dance was repeated in the second inning, and after two, the Falcons held a slim 8-6 lead.

Back and forth the teams went. St. Louis tied it up in the top of the third, and the Falcons re-took the lead by on their next at-bats. The Devils scored one in the top of the fourth to go up again. A big inning came for the Falcons, delayed slightly because we ran out of balls, and they plated seven in the bottom of the fourth. St. Louis put up ten in the next two innings, and with the bloody time limit quickly approaching, the Falcons came up in the bottom of the sixth needing two for a tie (for realz this time!)

Two they needed, two they got, and this one ended in a 19-19 draw.

A busy stretch for the Falcons begins on Sunday June 8 with a doubleheader against Xtreme and Hanet on K2 to commence a five-games-in-eight-days stretch.

Game Notes: DO NOT PINCH RUN FOR BIG LUNGS... Concerned with his offensive performance so far this season, Tank made the bold move of peeing on his hands mid-game to spark a change. Sadly, he went oh-fer... Goliath is going head-to-head with Our Only Friend for MVP votes, as he had a 5-ribbie game of his own... "A poor carpenter blames his tools" says Cashley for some reason...


2B: Cincinnati Red Legs, Goliath, Senior, Million Dollar Bill, Beardo
3B: --
HR: Our Only Friend, Goliath, Bird
HR-Fouls: Goliath, Our Only Friend, probably more, but no one keeps track
RBI: Goliath (5), Bird (4), Our Only Friend (2), Cincinnati Red Legs (2), Big Lungs (2), Beardo, SLF, Million Dollar Bill, Fo' Shizzle
LOB: 4



STADIUM: K1 Stadium (Naming rights still available)
ATTENDANCE: 4 (20% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)
WEATHER: 21.3C, Overcast; Humidity 80%; Wind SW, 13 km/h (weather data courtesy Environment Canada)


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
St. Louis Devils 3 3 2 1 4 6 x 19
Falcons 4 4 1 7 1 2 x 19
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Posted on: Monday June 2nd, 2014 at 8:00PM