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assignment Instant Classic!

Sean's division Falcons and George's division A's took the field this Wednesday night for a rematch of the 2013 WMSPL Championship Finals for the second time this season.

After a moderately slow start by both teams, the A's took a slim 6-5 lead going into the bottom of the 4th where the Falcons' bats finally got going, batting through the order to put up a 9 spot.

Undeterred, the A's responded with 4 of their own in the top of 5, to close the gap to 4. The teams exchanged 2 runs a piece in the 6th and the Falcons held a 4-run lead going into the last inning.

The A's responded brilliantly, bashing the ball all over (and out of) the park, scoring 8 runs to take a 4-run lead into the bottom of 7.

With the game curfew looming, the Falcons had 5 minutes left to respond. And respond they did! Led by a Tank double, followed by a Fo'Shizzle HR, a walk by MDB who scored on a Beardo triple, who then scored on a Senior Sevens sac fly, the Falcons wound up tying the game with (an arguable) 30 seconds left to play.

Up to bat came The Legend, with two outs and nobody on, who needed to do something to keep the inning going. And that he did, lining a 1-1 pitch to right center. The Falcons dugout erupted with cheers as they thought the game would be called due to curfew, where the score would revert to a 16-12 win.

Not so fast! Seizing the moment, A's rookie right-center fielder Jomo picked up the ball and threw a strike to first base beating the legendary base runner by fractions of a second to get the final out of the game. Make the final score 20-20!

Game Notes:
Ex-Delta Force teammates, Dinner and Johnny Baseball, took turns testing each other: Dinner testing Johnny Baseball's opposite field power and Johnny Baseball testing Dinner's arm. After Johnny Baseball hit a fly ball that burned a shallow playing left field Dinner, Dinner got the ball and threw a strike to Tank to get Johnny Baseball out at third. Score: Johnny Baseball 1, Dinner 1... With HR hoarders Our Only Friend and Bird MIA for this game, Goliath went yard twice, showing he's still got the power that made him famous in the WMSPL... Not to be outdone, A's outfielder Cam--ron showed he can be just as one-dimensional going yard twice himself, both times on an 0-2 pitch (I think)... #viagra: A's starting pitcher, WMSPL Vice-President, struggled to "get it up" all night as he was called on numerous (low) illegal pitches... Senior Sevens to Legend, in a post-game convo: "What d'ya eat for dinner tonight?!? You should've had salad!"... With the exciting way this game ended, this one turned into an instant classic and may be replayed in it's entirety someday on TSN Ocho...


2B: Dinner (2), Tank (2), Lacey
3B: Beardo
HR: Goliath (2), Cincinnati Red Legs, Dinner, Fo'Shizzle
HR-Fouls: None
RBI: Goliath (4), Dinner (4), Beardo (3), Cincinnati Red Legs (3), Fo'Shizzle (2), Senior Sevens (2), Legend, MDB
LOB: 5
PIZZAS: Dinner (1/3)



STADIUM: K1 Stadium (naming rights still available)
ATTENDANCE: 2 (10% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)
WEATHER: --C, Humidity --%; Wind --, --km/h (weather data courtesy Environment Canada)


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
A's 2 0 4 0 4 2 8 20
Falcons 0 2 3 9 0 2 4 20
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Posted on: Wednesday July 16th, 2014 at 8:00PM