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assignment Falcons Drop Game 2 Of Three Game Series To A's
Monday 8:00PM September 11th, 2017
When it comes to watching the Falcons play ball, don't blink: You may miss the brief moments when they have a lead. After going up 8-2 after 2 innings, the floodgates opened defensively and the A's walked away with a laugher, downing the hapless Falcons 28-11.

The Falcons came out SWINGING SOME JUNK in the first inning: double, single, DINGER, triple, single, and it was 4-0 after 5 batters. YEAH BUOY! The Falcons batted around in the top of the first, plating... only those 4. A's came back with 2 in the bottom of one.

Here comes some BALL KNOCKING! Top of the order for top of two: single, double, single, single, pop out, double, RBI ground out, and the Falcons scored 4 more! Extrapolate that out, and the Falcons were on pace to score 28! FOUR TOUCHDOWNS. That's Jacksonville Jaguars territory, right there.

But we've all seen this movie before. The offence dried up, and save for a Teets home run that bounced off the weeping tile and out, there were no more highlights. The A's, whoo-doggie! They ended up scoring the 4 TDs, making the Falcons look a lot like... The Falcons, circa Super Bowl LI.

Two Home Runs In One Inning Watch: The last time a Falcon hit two home runs in one inning was August 29, 2012.

Game Notes: WE CAN BUILD ON THIS! TIME FOR A SNACK!... Snacks brought to you by Nestle. Nestle: Coffee at home for the price of coffee at Starbucks... With the GP, New Jeff has as many games played as full-season Falcon Jr. Jenkins


2B: SLF, Yeah Teets, The Mattural
3B: J-Paq
HR: New Jeff, Yeah Teets
RBI: New Jeff (3), Yeah Teets (3), The Mattural (2), Million Dollar Bill, J-Paq, Dr. J
LOB: 8


STADIUM: Country Lane #2
ATTENDANCE: 0 (0% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)

WEATHER: 14.9°C, Clear; Humidity 69% (Nice); Wind SSE, 4 km/h (weather data courtesy @wc_oshawa)

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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Falcons 4 4 0 0 1 1 1 11
A's 2 0 12 8 0 6 X 28
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Posted on: Tuesday September 12th, 2017 at 9:25AM