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assignment Falcons Take Game 1
Sunday 8:00PM May 27th, 2018
With first place in the Vice President's Division on the line, the Falcons faced off against the Rebels on Sunday evening. Powered by Pikachu's first mighty dong of the season and Band Camp's third, it was the Falcons who came out victorious by a final score of 21-15.

With Senior Sevens out to watch (and keep the cleanest scorecard of the season. Thanks!), the Falcons fell flat on their collective faces in the top of the first. This has been a theme for the Falcons this season, who had only scored 10 first-inning runs so far in 2018. Since the powerful Rebels had already put up a three-spot in the top of the first, the Falcons trailed 3-0 after one.

"I can still play," said Senior Sevens in a mid-game interview. "I'm killing this rehab [from a September, 2017 triple-bypass, his first triple since 2013]. I do 3 miles of extra running per week!" Anyone who knows Junior would have no problem believing this statement.

The Falcons held the Rebels to a delicious doughnut in the top of the second. Two doubles and two singles later, the Falcons had scored 2, and trailed by one after two.

Fourteen Falcons showed up for this game, surely to score their free, sponsor-provided garb promised in the previous recap. Pikachu reported that not only did he not pick up the jerseys, which are ready, but the caps aren't even ready for pick up yet.

The Rebels tacked on three more in the top of the third inning, highlighted by a 2-run blast by Lee, who is second in the WMSPL in giant dongs to the Falcons' Mattural. That, I guess, woke up the Falcons' bats. SLF lead off the bottom of the third with a single, and the Falcons then went: single, fielder's choice, Pikachu dong, single, double, double, single, double, single, single, single, single, and SLF flew out to the left-centre fielder for the second out of the inning. The Falcons batted around and scored 11 before recording the second out of the inning.

After allowing eight more in the bottom of the fourth, the Rebels scored 7 in the top of the fifth, but it wasn't going to be enough.

Two Home Runs In One Inning Watch: The last time a Falcon hit two home runs in one inning was August 29, 2012.

Game Notes: Senior Sevens could name more Rebels than he could Falcons... Pikachu was a triple away from the cycle... For the first time this season, the Falcons were returned all three game-balls after the game... The Falcons are now 2-0 when an alumnus shows up to watch.

The Hot (Take) Corner: It's easier to hit a wide-open 3-pointer in a real NBA playoff game than it is to hit a home run in the WMSPL. I could do the former, and hit 9 out of 10 easy, especially if you handed me millions a year to do so. And since NBA players don't play defence (except LeBron, but only in game 7s), I'd play defence equally well to any NBA vet.

Ideal Number Of Players To Show Up For A Game, Ranked (per Pikachu):
1. 12
2. 11
3. 13
4. 10
5. 9
6. Finding a Skarmory, but not having a Poké Ball
7. 14


2B: Chequebook (3), Stevie B (2), The Mattural, Poutine, Band Camp, Pikachu
HR: Band Camp, Pikachu
RBI: Band Camp (4), Chequebook (3), Poutine (3), Stevie B (2), Levi (2), SLF (2), Pikachu (2), Hobo, Teets, Bruce Banner
PIZZAS: Levi (3/3)

DOUBLE PLAYS: There were two, both 6-4-3 I think.


ATTENDANCE: 1 (5% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)

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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Rebels 3 0 3 0 7 0 2 15
Falcons 0 2 11 8 0 0 X 21
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Posted on: Monday May 28th, 2018 at 8:02AM