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assignment VP Division Champs!
Tuesday 8:00PM September 4th, 2018
The Falcons are WMSPL Vice President's Division Champions after defeating the Rebels 20-10.

Less than half the Rebels' roster was able to play in this game, thus they had to play with only 3 outfielders per league rules. The Falcons weren't able to take any advantage of this in the early going, however. The visiting Falcons started the top of the first with two quick outs, reminding anyone who may have thought this is a quick starting team, that they definitely are not. Fortunately for the Falcons, Dunner has returned and didn't know that the Falcons aren't allowed to score first, so he smacked a double to get things going. Miner Leaguer followed with what the scoresheet describes as a double that somehow didn't score Dunner (he's not so quick), and Teets cashed them both with a single. The Rebels responded quickly in the bottom of the first with Louis Strumenikovski's 15th dinger of the season, a solo shot. After 1, the Falcons lead 2-1.

After scoring 2 in the top of the second, the Falcons' bats went cold. Over the third and fourth innings, they only sent 7 men to the plate and put up delicious doughnuts. The Rebels had scored again to cut the lead to 4-2 going into the fifth.

With the Falcons' magic number standing at a lonely 1 (1 is the loneliest number), they only needed one win over their last three games to clinch the division. Had the Falcons succumbed under the pressure yet again?


Dr J started the fifth with a single. After Levi foul-K'd out, Stevie B moved Dr J to third with a double. SLF was the second out of the inning, but a productive one, hitting a sac fly to score Dr J. Then the hit parade started. In total, the Falcons scored 13 runs with 2 out in the fifth to take a commanding lead.

That didn't deter the Rebels. They scored 2 in the fifth, 3 in the sixth and 3 more in the seventh, but it wasn't enough.

The Falcons have flown as high as they can fly in the regular season, winning the division, and securing the #4 seed in the WMSPL Playoff Tournament thanks to owning the tie-breaker over Sports Illustrated Play.

Two Home Runs In One Inning Watch: The last time a Falcon hit two home runs in one inning was August 29, 2012.

Game Notes: Did SLF hit an inside-the-park grand slam? No, but he was generously awarded a triple on the play because he was well around third base before the third out of the inning was recorded... No one's bitter about that... This is the first time the Falcons have won the Vice President's Division since 1998, when they were known as Investors Group.


2B: Band Camp (3), Dunner (2), Stevie B (2), Miner Leaguer, Incredible Tulk, Dr J
3B: Million Dollar Bill, SLF
HR: Levi
RBI: Stevie B (3), Teets (3), Levi (2), Band Camp (2), SLF (2), Pikachu (2), Incredible Tulk (2), Dr J, Million Dollar Bill, Miner Leaguer, Dunner



ATTENDANCE: 2 (10% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)

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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Falcons 2 2 0 0 13 2 1 20
Rebels 1 0 1 0 2 3 3 10
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Posted on: Wednesday September 5th, 2018 at 8:43AM