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assignment Nationals Defeat Royals To Take Sole Possession Of Second Place
Tuesday 8:00PM August 10th, 2021
Since I didn't attend this game, and no one volunteered to write the recap, you get a recap of the game I actually attended.

The Nationals avenged their loss from last Thursday to these same Royals, winning 14-4 to move into sole possession of second place in the Baseball Oshawa 9U House League.

The Royals, again, nearly defaulted. The cavalry arrived just as the 15-minute courtesy window was about to close. The teams had already agreed to play regardless, and the game had indeed already begun. But unlike last Thursday, the Royals that attended didn't bring the noise.

In the top of the first, the Royals began strong, loading the bases on 3 straight, uh, shall we call them singles? Sure. Solid hits, as far as you're concerned. Unfortunately, the next three batters were unable to hit a fair ball in the allotted 5 "hittable" pitches. The Royals left the bases loaded. In the home half of the first, the Nationals came out firing on all cylinders. For 9U, those cylinders belong in a Kawasaki 250cc inline twin. A lot of noise, but not much oomph. Anyway, Liam led off with a solid single that got all the way to the half-way point between the batter and the pitching machine. A hit, is indeed, a hit. Owen grounded into a fielder's choice, highlighting the Royals solid defence. Luke followed with another fielder's choice, and there were two down. The ever-reliable Graham singled to move Luke to second, and Archer followed with the same. Riley cashed the runner on third with, yes, another single. Adam followed suit. Connor, despite a valiant effort, was unable to put bat-to-ball, and ended the inning.

In the second, the Royals first batter of the inning ran out of hittable pitches for the first out. That turned the line up over and their lead off hitter reached base via, you guessed it, a single. Number 6 wasn't able to advance that runner for the second out. Seven put the bat on the ball, but the Nationals were able to end the inning with a fielder's choice.

That defensive gem sparked the Nationals' bats. Sammy led off with a single. Turning the line up over, Liam was unable to tame the pitching machine, and was the first out. Owen got it back going with a single to move Sammy up, and Luke loaded the bases on a single. Graham, the team's pace-maker, scored Sammy with a single, and Archer followed suit. Riley hit the third pitch he saw for an RBI single, and Adam cashed two with a monster double to centre field. Connor finally found the right bat for him and scored Riley with a hit single. Sammy ended the inning with a single to score Adam and the Nationals had reached the 6-run league-mandated limit.

The Royals wanted in on the run-scoring action, and they were fired up. Showing the excitement of a snuggle of sloths (I swear that's what a group of sloths is called), the Royals began the top of the third with... a "strikeout". But then they hit! Singles, oh my god so many singles. Eight straight hitters reached base (all of them seemingly hitting the fourth of five allotted pitches), scoring 4 runs, and the Royals were right back in it.

If you think this recap is dragging on, you should have attended the game. Thank Christ for mobile internet.

The Nationals were not going to roll over. A hit parade (the most exciting parade in Oshawa since the Generals' laughably short 800-metre journey from City Hall to the then-named GM Centre to celebrate their 2015 Memorial Cup victory) rung up the 6-run-max, and the Nationals put this one to bed.

Game notes: With the Giants' loss to the Orioles at Attersley, the Nationals take over second place in the division. They're eyeing a coveted first round bye in the playoffs... In other news, the A's rolled over the two-players-short Falcons 11-4. Big thanks to Ryan and Shayne from Broadway for stepping up.


2B: Adam
3B: Are you kidding me?
HR: Seriously?
HR-OUTS: There is no home run limit in 9U house league, but by the way the players hit you'd suspect the limit is one.
RBI: Adam (4), Riley (3), Sammy (2), Connor, Liam, Owen, Graham, Archer

DOUBLE PLAYS: The Nationals actually turned two once this year, but not in this game.
BATTERS FACED: OMG it seemed like 180.

STADIUM: Mountjoy Park
ATTENDANCE: SELL OUT, BABY! (100% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity.

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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Falcons 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 4
A's 1 3 4 2 1 0 X 11
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Posted on: Thursday August 12th, 2021 at 9:02AM