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chat_bubble Durham's best kept secret?
After the ESPN analyzes the Falcons at the trade deadline story broke, Falcons' Director of Social Media (Timmy) held a closed contest asking fans to submit their best picture of Durham's superstar badminton player (Lacey) in action.

After an underwhelming number of submissions, the results were announced this morning: Timmy Timmins from Timmins, Ontario is the proud winner of 2015 Falcons' season tickets with this magnificent picture of Lacey showcasing his incredible skill and finesse playing the game some call Shuttlecock, often played in backyards after a game of Cornhole. Who comes up with these names?!?

Anyway, congratulations go out to Timmy!

In related news, the Falcons have learned about Durham's best kept secret. Appears another of Durham's finest Shuttlecock players, Lacey's long time doubles partner, was also recruited by the WMSPL, who has since enjoyed a remarkable, yet unappreciated career with Xtreme Contracting. Who knew?!?

Hoping to team up with his long time pal, Lacey has since admitted he's been lobbying for some sort of trade that will put the "older Caillou look-a-like" (sorry Mike, blame Jamie for giving us this monicker) in a Falcons' #3 jersey. Talks between the two teams are still ongoing...
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Posted on: Thursday August 7th, 2014 at 9:47AM
Comment #1

Anderson has been trying for years to keep his ShuttleCOCK extra curricular activities under raps. What a shame it had to come out this way.

If the Falcons truly want to get over hump and win the title, a trade for Xtreme s #3 is the answer. Everyone knows giving up 3-4 of Falcon players for Anderson would be in their best interest.

Posted on: Thursday August 7th, 2014 at 7:02PM
Posted by: Cornhole Mcgee
Comment #2

Lots of noise in some circles that the Falcons are very close to pulling the trigger on a trade that would send the tallest, shortest, oldest and youngest Falcons to Xtreme in exchange for all players on their roster named Mike, Mikey, Michael and Snake Venom.

With Mikey Zamudio and Michael Fohshow already on the roster, it looks like the Falcons are stockpiling as many MIKE'S as possible. perhaps they are trying to emulate Toronto Raptors squads of the early 2000's that featured Alvin WILLIAMS, Jerome WILLIAMS, Eric WILLIAMS, Aaron WILLIAMS and Zan Tabak.

Posted on: Friday August 8th, 2014 at 2:40PM
Posted by: Trade Rumour Central
Comment #3

The Falcons should trade away some of their "One-Dimensional Home Run Hitters" in exchange for "Three Dimensional Hitters" Guys that are able to do a plethora of things - (fly out, ground out, line out softly).

Posted on: Friday August 8th, 2014 at 2:56PM
Posted by: Whitby Slo-Pitch Insider
Comment #4

If the players coming back to Xtreme are nice to umpires, than Xtreme will have no use for them. Xtreme takes pride in only having 1 ump left that will put up with their antics.

If you wear the Red and White, you must be unable to accept an Umpire making any call that does not go Xtremes way.

Snake Venom will not waive his No Trade clause. Talks are breaking down.

Posted on: Friday August 8th, 2014 at 5:27PM
Posted by: Cornhole Mcgee
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