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chat_bubble 2014 WMSPL Playoffs: Bridesmaids, Again!
Saturday, 10:30 am: Rebels at Falcons

The tournament started out wet, and the play reflected that. In a relatively low scoring affair, the Falcons began the weekend with a win.
Falcons 11, Rebels 6.

Saturday, 1:30 pm: Mayhem at Falcons

As the weather began to clear up, the Falcons' bats came alive. As usual, The Electric Mayhem put a scare into the Falcons, but in the end, a couple of late big innings by the Falcons' bats secured the victory.

Falcons 20, Mayhem 10.

Quarterfinal: Sunday, 10:00 am: Storm at Falcons

This was the game the league wanted. Except it was supposed to happen in the finals, not in the quarters... (looking back, we would have preferred this result in the finals).

This game was close for most of it, but again, the Falcons broke it open with some late big innings.
Falcons 31, Storm 14.

Semifinal: Sunday, 2:00 pm: Direct Elevator at Falcons

Slugfest. Past President Ricky Traill predicted it in the first inning: "This is going to be one of those 30-25 games, isn't it?" And hoo boy, he was close. Balls were flying over the fence with regularity, and runs, by both teams, came in bunches.

The Falcons went into the top of the seventh up by a ton of runs, but almost let this one get away as a big 2-out Direct comeback came up just short.

Falcons 27, Direct 25.

WMSPL Playoff Final: Sunday, 4:00 pm: St. Louis Devils at Falcons

Bridesmaids, again. For the third time in the past four years, and the fourth in the last six, the Falcons steamrolled through the WMSPL Playoff Tournament only to lay an egg in the final.

After averaging a nearly 9-run margin of victory through the first four games, the Falcons barely managed to SCORE 9 runs.

The colony of Falcon bats went to sleep, and the Devils' bats were alive and full of vigour. They hit strong base hits, took extra bases when they should have, and hit multi-run homers with regularity. Add to that some solid devilish defence, this game was only close at the start of the game and after the first inning, when then score was 0-0.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Devils for earning the well deserved win!

Devils 29, Falcons 13.

After the final game, the Falcons posed for their 2014 Team Photo wearing their customary playoff finalists outfits:

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Posted on: Monday September 15th, 2014 at 8:38AM