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With the 2014 WMSPL Playoff Tournament complete, there was nothing left but to hand out the hardware. So on a beautiful Saturday evening in late September, the members of the WMSPL gathered at the General W. Sikorski Polish Veterans' Association Hall for the drunken barn dance that is the annual WMSPL Banquet.

The evening began with the cocktail hour (which was only 3/4 of an hour), and led in to the always spectacular dinner (not THAT Dinner). Real dinner. Like, food, yo.

Once we were all done stuffing our collective faces, it was magic time. Up strutted President Dinner to a chorus of boos, most of which came from me. His opening remarks were elegant, classy, and most importantly, brief. Threats of assassination have been levied against previous Presidents who were in love with the sound of their own voice. After he introduced the winners and runners-up from the mid-season tournament, it was the Falcons' turn. We all gathered in front of our league-mates for the team photo to commemorate our President's Division Championship and to a lesser extent, our WMSPL Playoff Tournament Bridesmaids.

President Dinner then awarded the major team hardware to some other deserving team.

The Falcons' MVP for 2014, as we all know, was President Dinner. So it fell upon Past President Ricky to gather the team MVPs to the front of the hall and announce the winner. I didn't have my camera ready (and neither did anyone else, make a note of this for next year), but as Rick announced that the winner of the 2014 WMSPL League MVP was Sean Dunn, the look on Dinner's face approximated this:

2014 WMSPL League MVP

Dinner posed for his photo without his accompanying arm candy, the Jugtastic Jaguar

Having taken the time to compose himself, President Dinner then returned to the podium to gather the team Most Sportsmanlike Players. In what was rumoured to be a slightly closer vote than the MVP vote, the winner of the 2014 WMSPL Most Sportsmanlike Player was announced as Cas Litwin.

2014 WMSPL League MSP

Check out the epic photo-bomb by Johnny Baseball!

With all the trophies handed out, there nothing left to do except point out that President Dinner only has one suit, and one dress shirt:

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Posted on: Monday October 6th, 2014 at 9:19AM