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chat_bubble The Legend Calls It A Career

After 28 seasons, The Legend Jerry Tone has retired from the Falcons and WMSPL.

Jerry began playing in the league in 1989 when the team was called the Hughes Hawks, when typewriters were still abundant in offices, and smoking at your desk wasn't uncommon. "I can't remember how many times during this past off season I convinced myself that I had another year or two in me," said Jerry in a prepared statement. Jerry retires as the longest current tenured Falcon, and will be inducted into the Falcons Hall of Fame where his number 29 will be retired for good.

"I will miss it!", he said in his statement. "However, saying that I know I will be out to increase the Falcons fan base on occasion and support Billy's kitty." I hope that means buying beer, and not something else.

He ends his career having been name honourary 2016 team MVP, and for reals Most Sportsmanlike Player.

"The thing I'll miss most," says Jerry, "is being Mike Murphy's muse."
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Posted on: Friday March 24th, 2017 at 12:29PM