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assignment Falcons Can Not Weather Storm, Lose First In A Row

Riding high after winning their sixth straight on Friday night, the Falcons came screaming into this battle of the winning streaks, taking on Storm, who had won 12 straight coming in. Despite a dinger from Dougothy and two-baggers from the French Connection, the Falcons dropped this one in the porto-potty, losing 13-6.

Missing big bats Goliath and Our only friend, the Falcons (18-8) were running with a short bench. Also unable to play were Cashley, who was still recovering from a case of the ouchies, and The Legend, whom I’m sure was out doing something legendary.

The Falcons took the early lead, scoring a run in the bottom of the first, but quickly gave that up as Storm scored two in the top of the second. After blanking the Falcons in the bottom half, the Storm, ahem, Stormed out to a big lead, scoring four in the third and five in the fourth to take an 11-4 lead into the top of the fifth.

The Falcons were off their game on this afternoon, and so too, apparently, was Master Motivator (Promotivator?) Mrs. Dinner. “I didn’t come out here to watch the other team hit!”, she began. Then going back to words that have worked before, encouraged the team to “get [their] heads outta [their] A-S-S-E-S!” She had to spell it out, because: 1. There were lots of little ears present, and 2. Simply saying it didn’t seem to be helping.

Strong words, but they fell on deaf ears. The Falcons couldn’t string together any hits, and slunk off to free beer and pizza night to drown their sorrows.

Game Notes: Curiously, Fred didn’t show up for this one… This just in, Junior Falcons are easily persuaded with free swag, the TRAITORS… Mrs. Dinner wants to attend more games. Watch for motivational messages to increase, while Dinner’s production will fall off a cliff… Why doesn’t pizza taste as good after a loss?... Dougothy, shift-beater… It was wind assisted… Who the hell drank all the Blue?...


2B:Beaver, Dinner
3B: --
HR: Dougothy
HR-Singles: --
RBI: Dougothy (2), Tank, Papa Bear, Dinner, Fo’ Shizzle
LOB: 7
PIZZAS: Senior (3/3), Tank (1/3), Don’t call me Dick (1/3), Dinner (1/3)

DOUBLE PLAYS: Lots, mostly by Joey (Don’t hit it to that guy)


STADIUM: K2 Field at Maypo Yards
ATTENDANCE: 18 (95% FULL) - % is based on regular season capacity (Falcons' side only)
WEATHER: 21.7°C; Clear; Wind SW, 21 km/h (weather data courtesy Environment Canada)


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Signage Source Storm 0 2 4 5 0 0 2 13
Falcons 1 0 2 1 0 2 0 6
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Posted on: Sunday July 28th, 2013 at 5:00PM