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Dear AdmiralsSloPitch.com,

Please see the copyright notice at the bottom of our website. It clearly states that anything written on FalconsSloPitch.com is copyright of the Falcons and owned completely and wholly by the website. ALL OF THE RIGHTS are reserved. ALL of them.

On May 10, 2017, AdmiralsSloPitch.com published a “recap” (and we, the law-talking guys, use the term “recap” loosely), in which a certain player for the Admirals (Michael Labrecque) was referred therein as “Poutine”. This brilliant and creative nickname is owned by the Falcons, and is for use solely on FalconsSloPitch.com in their recaps, news items, and hit-pieces on other teams or players.

Please remove from your “recap” the term Poutine as it refers to Mr. Labrecque. AdmiralsSloPitch.com may, in the future, use the term “Poutine” in the context of the delicious snack/meal/hangover cure/mess the kids left in the back seat.

Further use of the nickname “Poutine” as it refers to Michel Poutine de la Baguette (also copyright by the Falcons), will result in a fine of a WHOLE PIZZA.


Grand Poobah of FalconsSloPitch.com

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Posted on: Thursday May 11th, 2017 at 9:43AM