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2019 WMSPL Playoff Champions!

Read the WMSPL's MOST RESPECTED Power Rankings column! (just ask the other teams)

The Falcons won the Playoff Tournament in 2019, and COVID-19 wiped out the 2020 season. The Falcons will return in 2021 as reigning champions after two consecutive off seasons. Will there even be a season in 2021?

Follow along to see if anyone can beat retired "Iron" Mike Murphy's consecutive game streak, or Rookie sensation Leon's record pizza fines!

Two Home Runs In One Inning Watch: The last time a Falcon hit two home runs in one inning was June 14, 2019.

Two Triples In One Inning Watch: The last time a Falcon hit two triples in one inning was June 11, 2019.

Free Beer Watch: It's been since August 18, 2019.

Be sure to check out our Hall of Fame page and re-live past Falcons glory days in our Accolades page.


Falcons News

notification_important Coming July 5...

Two guys are sitting in Whitby.

Guy #1: "What's that noise?"
Jim Ross: "Huh?"

Guy #1: "You can't hear that?"
Jim Ross: "Uh, no."

Guy #1: "THERE! There it is again!"
Jim Ross: "Ah think ah hear sumthin'..."

Guy #1: "Is that?"
Jim Ross: "Ah think it is!"

Guy #1: "IT IS!"
Jim Ross: "BAH GAWD! That's the WMSPL's music!!"

Guy #1: "It's Yakkety Sax."
Jim Ross: (sullen) "Ah know."

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Posted on: Thursday June 10th, 2021 at 12:28PM