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notification_important 2022 WMSPL Power Rankings - Preseason Edition

It has been a very long off-season. Very long.

When last we were together, dear reader, The Crew was on top of the Power Rankings, with a note that this column is famous for predicting champions based on the last rankings of the regular season.

Guess what.

No, not "chicken butt", however that's a good guess. The Crew actually won the VP side of the playoff bracket, setting them up with Hanet, winners of the President's side, for a winner-takes-- well, nothing. Possession of a trophy for a year, though both names would have ended up on it anyway. ANYWAY, Hanet and The Crew decided on that Playoff Sunday that they'd played enough and posed for pictures and celebrated.

Then it snowed.

But here we are... SPRINGTIME! And with spring comes new birth. The WMSPL, for the first time in literally decades, has expanded, adding The Expos and the Isotopes who will do battle in the VP division for their first year of play at least.

The expansion of the league back to twelve teams will surely cement the current league president's legacy as a true builder, and solidify his hall of fame resume. *ducks*

The weather is warming up, the expansion and new player drafts are in the books, and opening day looms large, coming May 23.

How's this season going to play out? Can't wait to find out!

(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

Hanet enters the WMSPL's first sort-of-post-pandemic season a reigning playoff tournament champions, and have therefore earned the #1 spot. Over the off season, they lost 3 players, all on the Feret side of the Ancestry.com-esque roster. In a surprise move, they actually drafted someone from the new player pool... I guess there'll be a slight delay before the next batch of Clays or Ferets are ready to join the league. Hanet, a perennial playoff powerhouse, will continue to be a formidable foe for the rest of the President's Division.

#1. THE CREW (tie)
(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: 1)

The Crew, winners of the other side of the playoff bracket, open the season tied for the #1 spot in the rankings. Thanks to the aforementioned expansion, the two new teams in the VP division have pushed The Crew up to the President's Division for 2022 (no matter how much the current league Vice President tried to get out of it). Regardless, The Crew will arrive ready to compete, and will be no pushover. Their roster remains intact from their championship run. Can they continue the winning streak with which they ended last season?

#3. A'S
(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

After securing their first ever President's Division championship in the COVID-shortened 2021 season, the A's almost completed the double-deed but came up short against Hanet in the playoff championship game. For 2022, they've lost a couple of long-time players and the rest of the roster is another year older. The only big question for the A's this season is whether they'll don their 5th new jerseys in as many years.

(-- Overall; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

In their first year of competition, Triple Play made it as far as they could go in the playoffs without hoisting the hardware. Thanks to finishing a game behind The Crew, they'll continue to play in the VP Division for 2022, and after posting a .667 winning percentage last year, they'll be favourites to win the division this year.

(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

Storm enters 2022 with relatively little roster turnover. All the all-stars return, hopefully healthy and not at risk of exploding a heart, or leg, or whatever every time they sprint. The most important returning player for Storm will be Scoops Jockovich.

(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

After a brief COVID break for some, Broadway is getting the band back together for 2022. Expect intensity, above-average pitching, and multiple Jimmos.

(--; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

Thanks to the retirement of Seb, Surge will only be a shadow of its former self.

(-- Overall; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

BET365 is setting the over/under at 25 for the number of times Todd tries to get a "free" courtesy runner because he has to pitch the next inning. The odds-on favourite for most tried excuse: "I have to put my protective shirt back on!"

(-- Overall; President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

In 2021, the Falcons finished with their worst winning percentage (.375) since, well, ever. The league's standings only go back to 2004 and there were some forgettable years before that. But without proof, the original statement stands. Fortunately, the Falcons were able to use their pick-a-friend draft exemption on the CSP's Admirals' MVP candidate Ryan Beatty, he of the .650/.609/1.267 slash line against A-Division opponents. Can one player add 400 points to a winning percentage? Can't wait to find out!

(-- Overall; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

Coulas, the 2021 WMSPL Horse's Ass trophy winners, are bringing back almost all of their pre-pandemic roster and will welcome the familiarity.

(-- Overall; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

The Expos will play their inaugural season in the VP Division with a roster made up entirely of drafted players, ie no family or ringer exemptions. Will the team gel? Will they get along? Will they introduce the league's first mascot after kidnapping Youpee!?

(-- Overall; Vice President's Division)
(Rank last week: -)

The Isotopes managed to snag the only other Admiral in the draft. Mitch's .571/.571/.914 slash line will be a significant contribution to the effort.

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