Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Falcons Hall of Fame! Unlike most Halls of Fame, induction into this hall does not require greatness, or even goodness. We judge not on PED use, because it's pretty obvious none of our members have used ANY drugs that would be considered "performance enhancing".

Our ONLY criterion for induction into our Hall of Fame is tenure. If you retire from the WMSPL having served 10 or more years as a Falcon, you're in!

Jerry Tone #29: 1990 to 2016

Nicknames: The Legend
Positions: C, 3B, RF
Team Appointments: MSP, Honourary MVP
WMSPL Appointments: 25-Year Honouree
Best Known For: The Oppo Drop shot, best selling Falcons merchandise, legendary cameo appearances, all things Legendary
Chris Dunn #17: 2001 to 2016

Nicknames: Beaver
Positions: Everywhere, except Pitcher
Team Appointments: None
WMSPL Appointments: None
Best Known For: French encouragement, head-first slides, the 2013 Mid-Season Tournament catch
Dave Kvaltin #10: 2000 to 2015

Nicknames: DK, Beardo
Positions: IF
Team Appointments: Beermeister (Falcons first ever actually), Batmeister, Falcons MSP, Leaker of league information, facilitator of draft shenanigans (according to some non-Falcons)
WMSPL Appointments: Team Rep, League Stats/Media Coordinator
Best Known For: Perennial candidate for Falcons annual MVD (Most Valuable Drinker) Award, riding his bike to Falcons games, quick quips, creating/maintaining the WMSPL's website
Junior Tennant #77: 1990 to 2014

Nicknames: Jr, Senior Sevens
Positions: Like City TV...Everywhere!
Team Appointments: Beermeister, Coach, Equipment Manager, Team MVP
WMSPL Appointments: Team Rep
Best Known For: Showing up 3 hours before game time to secure the 3rd base dugout; 70's TV tray, complete with vintage Blue Jays McDonalds plastic tumbler on pizza nights; infatuation with pizza; motivational speeches; comradery with umpires
Mike Murphy #33: 1997 to 2012

Nicknames: Ironman, Murph
Positions: C, Logo
Team Appointments: Beermeister (first to be fired from the position), Coach, Team MSP (twice), Team MVP, Falcons Beat Writer/PR Director, Falcons Stat Keeper
WMSPL Appointments: Team Rep, Vice-President, President, Past-President
Best Known For: Falling in lake at Falcons' inaugural baseball symposium in Havelock; ironman streaks; duct tape noodle soup; unorthodox remedies; ordaining the Falcons as Whitby's Most Beloved Slo-Pitch team; contributions to the Falcons' Constitution
Perry Frigault #20: 2003 to 2012

Nicknames: Flying Frigault, Twinkle-Toes (for anyone who's seen him dance)
Positions: 1B
Team Appointments: Team MSP (several times)
WMSPL Appointments: None, League MSP
Best Known For: Karaoke duet with Ken Clark at Falcons' inaugural baseball symposium in Havelock; surviving a violent collision with Ironman Mike Murphy trying to catch a foul ball down 1B line
Dennis McWhirter #23: 1979 to 2011

Nicknames: Denny
Positions: P
Team Appointments: Coach
WMSPL Appointments: None
Best Known For: Fielding; Base-stealing; taking a hot-Louis-Strumenikovski-grounder-ricochet-off-the-pitcher's-mound to the forehead; his classic "pitcher's shuffle" when fielding a popup
Kent Porter #55: 1996 to 2008

Nicknames: Porter
Positions: OF
Team Appointments: Beermeister
WMSPL Appointments: None
Best Known For: Hitting homeruns with nobody on (now still affectionaly called a Porter by the team); laughing hysterically at his fielding errors
Ken Clark #42: 1990 to 2008

Nicknames: Clarkie
Positions: 2B
Team Appointments: Team Sponsor (Fundtrade Falcons), Team MVP
WMSPL Appointments: League MVP
Best Known For: Kareoke duet with Perry Como at Falcons' inaugural baseball symposium in Havelock; staying after EVERY game until 3AM to enjoy a couple of cold ones; coincidentally having to attend some wedding on all subsequent baseball symposium weekends (make you wonder what happened at the first?)
Gary Ruck #12: 1990 to 2007

Positions: OF
Team Appointments: Coming Soon
WMSPL Appointments: Coming Soon
Best Known For: Coming Soon
Bob Thurier #17: 1989 to 2005

Positions: IF
Team Appointments: Coach, Beermeister
WMSPL Appointments: Team Rep
Best Known For: Wearing pants that were too small; beating Dennis in a footrace (maybe).